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Effective communication includes story-telling, which nowadays is widely done through video. Learn practical leadership skills, how to deliver a message through video, and wise consumption and production of media. 


Participants must be interviewed prior to the seminar. 


Day 1 Introduction to Professional film editing (9am to 3pm)

Introduction to the fundamental principles of 'continuity' in film editing

  • Introduction to professional film editing software

  • Maintaining consistency of both time and space in the film. 

  • Grounding audiences in the 'reality' of the film while establishing a clear and structured narrative.

  • Organizing the different components of a film scene to tell a cohesive story

  • How to use the eye line and eye tracing in editing 

  • How to use matching action in editing

  • The Rule of Six of Editing

Introduction to SFX sound and foley.

Film editing workshop.

Students will work with professional film footage and foley to edit a single scene for a film.

Introduction to film storytelling  


Day 2 and 3 Film Shoot (12pm to 6pm, starts and ends later to include optimal filming hours of 3 to 5pm)

Introduction to:

  • Handheld camera techniques

  • Basic shot sizes and their use

  • Shot types

  • Framing

  • The 4-second shot rule

  • The three invisible externally and internally generated moving shoots

  • How to shoot a moving master shot

  • How to 'block' a scene - space - shapes - lines - subtext/contrast

Film workshop

  • Students will block and shoot a short film scene.

Day 4 (9am to 6pm includes rafting the Bow in the afternoon) - Post Production 

Students will edit their films


Day 5 (9am to 7pm includes evening BBQ with families) - Post Production 

Students will edit, export, and show their films


Seminar requirements

  • A video camera or cell phone  that can shoot video clips

  • Students must be able to transfer video clips from their cell phones to a laptop computer.

Students will be asked to download and install the editing software DaVinci Resolve 18, which is free for download here. DaVinci Resolve system requirements.

Practical Leadership and Film Seminar
July 11-15, 2022 - PASSED

For students entering grade 8 or 9 in Fall 2022 
Thank you to all participants and staff for a most enjoyable and amazing seminar!
Summary videos and photos

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