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Bowmont’s Speaker Series provides an opportunity for men in university to engage in conversation aimed at cultivating a sense of responsibility for their society. The topics of discussion range from understanding cultural trends to specifics about a given field, including appreciating the advances being made in the arts and sciences.

Our speakers are chosen for their noteworthy contributions to their fields, and for the personal integrity with which they live.

Bowmont’s Speaker Series runs monthly during the school year. The Speaker Series takes place at 4pm on Saturday afternoons at Bowmont, followed by hors d’oeuvres and social interaction with the invited guests and other participants.


2023.01.19 - Bowmont Mentorship - Joseph K. Woodard.png

Joseph K. Woodard

Public Funding of Education is Destroying Western Civilization

Where: Bowmont Centre, 2435 27 Ave. NW, Calgary*

When:  Saturday, February 4th @ 4pm

Joseph K. Woodard is now Director of Research at the Canadian Centre for Home Education, and moderates Great Books seminars online with Angelicum Academy. He earned degrees at the University of Alberta, Dalhousie, St. John’s Santa Fe, and Claremont (PhD). He invested fifteen years in academics, fifteen in journalism, and eleven as an administrative tribunal judge, while helping his one Kathy raise their ten children.

*Must register online to attend. Only 30 seats available.


2022.11.18 - Bowmont Mentorship - Dr. Ian.png

Dr. Ian

How Did I End Up Here? 
A Canadian Physician's Adventure in Rural Africa

Where: Bowmont Centre, 2435 27 Ave. NW, Calgary*

When:  Saturday, December 10 @ 4pm

Dr. Ian, a Canadian trained physician, has spent the first 3 years following the completion of his training serving medically in rural Africa. He has enjoyed the opportunity to pour into and train the local physicians and nurses he works with in his context. Come and hear him share stories about his motivation for wanting to give back where he serves.

*Must register online to attend. Only 30 seats available.

Dr. J K Donlevy.png

Dr. J. K. Donlevy
B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. (thesis), Ph.D., J.D.

The Poisoned Well of Post-Secondary
Education in Canada

Where: Bowmont Centre, 2435 27 Ave. NW, Calgary*

When:  4pm - Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

Dr. Donlevy is a Professor in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. He teaches ethics and law.  He has lectured in both Canada and the United States on constitutional issues involving Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Academy has become a place where freedom of expression is challenged by social intolerance for views which differ from dominant community narratives. The Canadian Association of University Teachers has recently expressed its concern with this phenomenon and it is that topic which will be addressed by Dr. Donlevy during his presentation on Saturday, October 22, 2022, 4:00 p.m. Following a thirty minutes presentation there will be a Q & A. 

*Must register online to attend. Only 30 seats available.

Mark Milke, Ph.D

THE VICTIM CULT: How the grievance culture hurts everyone and wrecks civilizations.

Where: Bowmont Centre, 2435 27 Ave. NW, Calgary*

When:  4pm - Saturday, September 17th, 2022

Mark Milke is Executive Director of the Aristotle Foundation for Public Policy. He is also the President of the Sir Winston Churchill Society of Calgary. In 2019 he was the lead architect of the United Conservative Party election platform and principal policy advisor to UCP leader, Jason Kenney.


Mark is also a keynote speaker, author, and columnist with six books and dozens of studies published across Canada and internationally in the last two decades. His newest book, The Victim Cult: How grievance culture of blame hurts everyone and wrecks civilization, is an Amazon Bestseller.

*Must register online to attend. Only 30 seats available.

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