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Bowmont's University Mentoring Program (BUMP) is a leadership program for young men in university.

The components of the program, detailed below, have been designed to help participants maximize their personal and professional growth during their university years.



Personal Mentoring

Following the OptimalWork methodology, Bowmont's personal mentoring program is designed to help you work at your best by changing your approach to challenge.


The core of the program is showing you how to attain your highest level of focus at will. You will learn how having a spirit of service can transform your way of working, enabling you to thrive in life — not just in university.


Professional Mentoring

Bowmont's professional mentoring program puts you in contact with an accomplished professional or academic in your field of interest. Your mentor will serve as a guide as you embark on your journey towards a career. Together, you will navigate the decision-making process, set clear milestones and prepare your job or program application strategy.

BUMP costs a total of $200 CAD per semester. And, the program is flexible, responding to the needs of each participant. 

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Speaker Series

Bowmont’s Speaker Series provides an opportunity for men in university to engage in conversation aimed at cultivating a sense of responsibility for their society. The topics of discussion range from understanding cultural trends to specifics about a given field, including appreciating the advances being made in the arts and sciences.

Our speakers are chosen for their noteworthy contributions to their fields, and for the personal integrity with which they live.

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