Bowmont seeks to attract students who wish to pursue their studies to the best of their ability and at the same time participate in the family life of the house, making their stay here as much a home for others as for themselves.


To foster an environment of serious study and a family atmosphere at Bowmont, residents have access to the following facilities and services:


  - Single bedroom with washroom

  - Quiet study room and library

  - Chapel*

  - Dining-room

  - Two large common rooms

  - Several smaller sitting rooms

  - Bicycle storage

  - Patio

  - WiFi 

  *Catholic Mass is said each morning; attendance is optional.


  - Full meal plan**

  - Laundry service

  - Weekly cleaning

Residence Fees

The residence fees for the academic year is $4,800 per semesterThis fee is based on a 4 month semester.

How to Apply

To begin the application process, fill out our online application form found in the link below.

Applicants will be contacted for an in-person interview.

I came to Bowmont looking for a place that would support my pursuit of academic excellence. After a few weeks, Bowmont became a place that I would look forward to returning to each night, where friends and warm home like atmosphere was present. Bowmont encouraged me to widen my academic and life goals and to work hard to get them.

— Juan Pablo U., Costa Rica

Ph. D (Cancer Research)

At Bowmont, we help individuals to see their studies, work, and family responsibilities as opportunities for personal development and conduits for societal impact. It is a place where men can aspire to become virtuous leaders, prepare themselves to serve others and shape society through their profession.


The residence fosters good study and work habits in a quiet environment. In addition to the facilities and services offered at Bowmont, residents participate in formational activities such as guest lectures, mentoring, volunteering, etc. Most importantly, the family atmosphere of the residence has helped turn Bowmont into a place that students can call home.


A Catholic chaplaincy and spiritual activities are also available. These activities are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church.

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