The Peaks mission is to prepare young men to become responsible, mature, and principled leaders, dedicated to the service of their families, friends, and communities.
The Peaks is a leadership program for young men in high school. It complements the development of its participants, helping them to become good students and virtuous leaders, giving them a competitive advantage in their personal and academic lives. The Peaks takes place every Friday from September to April and is hosted at Bowmont, a student residence near the University of Calgary.
The Christian orientation of the activities at Bowmont is entrusted to Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church.
Areas of focus
• Study skills and goal-setting
• How to make lasting friendships
• How to lead a fulfilling life
• Career exploration and selection
• How to navigate contemporary ideologies
• How to succeed in university
• Life of Service
2019 Academic Year
   Start Date: October 4th
   End date: May 29th
At the heart of The Peaks program is one-on-one mentoring. Each participant is paired with a carefully-chosen university student or young professional, who helps them apply the program material to their everyday lives and shares academic and personal advice.
• Study sessions
• Sports
• Visits to the elderly
• Case studies on contemporary topics
   (evolution, relativism, secular humanism, human rights)
• Speakers
• Movie discussions
• Formational talks
(fortitude, humility, prudence, courtesy, service, freedom, respect for women, magnanimity, sincerity, order, self-discipline, friendship)
 $300 for the year.
 Financial assistance available upon request.