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Safety at Bowmont

Northbow Educational Foundation Guidelines for Activities with Minors


Adults are required to:

  • Act at all times in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

  • Never abuse children including physical abuse (strike, spank, shake or slap), verbal abuse (humiliate, degrade, threaten), sexual abuse (including inappropriate touching and exposure), or mental abuse.

  • Ensure visibility by others at all times when alone with a minor, i.e.: open doors, visibility through windows, use public spaces.

  • Ensure that minors are properly supervised at all times.

  • Take immediate action in situations where others are placing minors in danger or potentially risky situations.

  • Report any inappropriate conduct and suspected abuse to the person in charge.

  • Directly report suspected abuse of minors to the immediate Director.

  • If you suspect abuse of minors by a Director report it to the designated civil authorities.

  • Refrain from drinking or being under the influence of alcohol while supervising minors.

  • Do not share pornography or sexually explicit literature, magazines, books, music, or videos.

  • No adult should invite or aid minors to smoke, drink alcohol, or use illegal drugs.

  • Treat all minors equitably, i.e. fairly and consistently. Avoid showing favoritism.



Adults are required to:

  • Maintain appropriate boundaries in relationships with others at all times. 

  • Not allow minors in the living areas of facilities (i.e. bedrooms).

  • Obtain permission of the parents when hosting any off grounds activities.


Physical Contact

  • Physical contact shall be appropriate to the situation and age of the participants and only permissible if:

  1. It does not cause disproportionate or unnecessary stress or anxiety to the participant; and 

  2. It is entirely and unambiguously non-sexual.

  • Any unnecessary physical contact with minors should be avoided, i.e.: wrestling, kissing, lengthy hugs, cuddling, tickling, piggy-back rides, lap-sitting, touching buttock or genital area.

  • If a situation emerges (i.e.: accident or emergency) and assistance is required, another person should be present, if possible. The situation should then be reported to the parent and Director in charge.


Overnight Events

In activities involving overnight stays:

  • A minimum of two adults should be present.

  • Sleeping quarters of adults must be different from those of minors.

  • If possible, minors should sleep either in single rooms or in rooms with three or more beds.

  • Obtain explicit permission of the parents.

  • No adult should shower or dress in the presence of minors and vice-versa.



Confidentiality must be respected at all times unless disclosure is required for reasons of:

  1. safety;

  2. parental or professional intervention and guidance; and/or

  3. legal obligations.

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